Retrieve object returns empty when reference does exist in parent object

Hi, I have a parent object with a reference to a child object but when using the retrieve object to get the child object, I get an empty object, how is it possible? See below, I want to retrieve the KpiFilters object from the MpRtKpiDefinition object, in the debugger I can see that MpRtKpiDefinition does have a reference to an object of type KpiFilters, however doing a retrieve of the KpiFilter object returns an empty object? Is this a bug?     For a little bit more context: I have an application that retrieves data through REST API, imports the Json into several objects (non persistant entities) that I access a little bit later. Below the part of the Data Model that applies, my issue here focuses mostly on the MpRtKpiDefinition and KpiFilters entities. I did verify that those entities are both correctly after the import mapping was executed by adding retrieve objects and debugging them.
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Does the user you trigger this logic with have read rights for these associations? Not having it set can cause this...


Hi Ivo, thank you for your answer, that was my issue! There was no entity access defined for my user.



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No error or warning messages.

I have found a similar Thread which pointed into the direction of local Session Storage.

Any further Ideas?