Hi, I’ve done a Microflow which is a Datasource for a Data Grid. I’m trying to filter the Results in the list. I want to show the results which has the value of the member “profile_decile” as “Decile 10”,”Decile 09”,”Decile 08” and so on till “ Decile 01”. How to append all the values in the Expression(inside Equals)???  
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The filter operation is always a single operation. You have several options:

  1. if you do a retrieve from database, do the filtering in the xpath of the retrieve. → the easiest imho
  2. Do each filter seperately, create a new list and add the results of each filter to this list. To get unique values, you can then union the list with itself.
  3. There are probably other option i did not think of.


I hope this helps.


The xpath for option one would be:

[profile_decile = ‘Decile 10’ or profile_decile = ‘Decile 9’ or profile_decile = ‘Decile 8’]