Setting values in attributes of a given entity, fetching it from another entity/entities or DB.

Hello everyone, I was exploring the Mendix Desktop Application, and had been stuck in an issue with Entities. Given a Entity, let’s say “Foo” with attributes as “Foo1”, “Foo2” & “Foo3”, where “Foo1” needs to be populated from a different entity. I have tried calling a microflow to set the value of “Foo1” from a different entity which works fine, but whenever i try to set the value I need to create a new object of type “Foo” in the microflow and set the value in “Foo1”, which resets the existing value of “Foo2” and “Foo3” , as those values are not accessible in the microflow. How can i solve this, without creating a new object of Foo everytime, the value of “Foo1” needs to be updated, and also not reseting the exisiting value of “Foo2” and “Foo3”?
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Make sure that you add the foo-object as input parameter of the microflow, then you can change the input object with a change object activity.