Deeplink not decoding + signs correctly - treats + and %2B as in the parameter

Hi, I’m using a deeplink, where the only string parameter is an encrypted, URL encoded string that is then handled and validated on. Here’s the example I’m working with Where the parameter is the following string, after a UrlEncode string action UC5crGSz+M2me6E8AwY/Q7PhTdqJbKi2JeUUE57GjbuwdRZLNxdz4BzjkexDqhhP Now, this has been generated and encoded properly. However, when my DL_Invite flow is fired, the parameter comes through as UC5crGSz M2me6E8AwY/Q7PhTdqJbKi2JeUUE57GjbuwdRZLNxdz4BzjkexDqhhP Note the space where the plus sign, or %2B should be. It looks like Deeplink is being clever, and decodes my URL parameter for me which is helpful. However, it is not decoding either + or %2B into a + sign, but into a ‘ ‘. Has anyone had a similar issue before? I’m finding this quite frustrating as I cannot see why it would be doing this. Cheers Luke  
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It looks like the string is being decoded twice.

In your first string you have a '+' which is space if you pass it through UrlDecode. It looks like your string is being decoded from '%2B' to '+' and then onto ' '.

Would passing the original string twice into UrlEncode fix the double decode?