How to create a file (pdf) from an html string

I have tried 2 different methods and am stuck and could use some help. In a Microflow I have an html string.  I tried using the CommunityCommons.StringToFile Java Method and it does create a file and the file does have size; however, when I use the Microflow action to download the file I get an error “Failed to load PDF document.”  For input on the StringToFile action I selected my html string variable.  For Destination I chose the new Document I had created in a step before.  It’s a custom entity that uses System.FileDocument as the generalization. The second method I used was to create a document template and put a single dynamic label on it.  I then mapped it to the field where I store the html string; however, when viewing the document I see all of the html, it did not actually render the html.  I see all of the markup. I need to be able to take an HTML string and create a document, preferably a pdf document.    
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The second method should work.  On the dynamic label, did you have this property set:

If so, you may need to sanitize the html source using the Sanitize Java action from Community Commons.  Also, if its a full HTML document (i.e. starts with an <html> tag), you may need to remove the html tag to get it working.

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Aren’t you able to parse the HTML into a different Mendix objects and create a PDF based on PDF template?