Microflow Requires Running Twice To Refresh Page?

Hi – I have a microflow that does the following. I end up having to run the microflow twice for the page to refresh properly? Any ideas why or how I can fix? I only want the user to click the button once to refresh, not twice. I tried putting a submicroflow in it to simulate running the entire microflow again, but that didn’t seem to work unless I physically clicked the button a second time to run the MF. Close page Show page (same as the one just closed, to simulate a “refresh”) refreshClass (Java action, using the entity the MF is supposed to update)   Clicking the button to run the MF once doesn’t refresh the page properly. I have to click the button twice? Thanks for any tips.
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Any reason not to upgrade to a later Mx8 version to see if it still happens? I seem to recall a bug in the early versions of Mx8.