JSON to CSV in a microflow

Hello! Fairly new to using Mendix so I could just be going about the problem the wrong way. Looking for more of a strategy rather than how to implement. I am tasking with pulling JSON from a REST API, convert that JSON data to a CSV File. Currently, we are doing this process as a PHP script that runs nightly but as our organization’s developers are still learning the Mendix system. Our end goal would be to build an application that we can use to manage scheduled microflows that would replace a lot of scripts that we have that run daily via cron jobs. The manager app then would just be used to essentially check on the health of the microflows and to turn on and off scheduled microflows. For the this specific microflow, retrieving the JSON is simple using a ‘Call REST Service’ activity in a microflow and I am assuming(though have not tested it yet) I can export a file using a ‘Call REST Service’ as well. The part I am unsure of is that middle piece, converting the JSON to a CSV file. As far as I can tell, this part of the microflow would have to be done as Java Action as I have not found any sort of module/package or solution for this. Is this a correct understanding? If not, how should I correctly approach this? Thanks!
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After the Rest call map the data to entities and then you could use the flat and delimited file export module from the appstore to create your csv files.

See https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/432/Erwin-'t-Hoen/Flat-&-Delimited-File-Export