Scheduled Microflows

Similar to Scheduled Events which are on entities. Is there a way we can Schedule a Microflow to Run after a certain Microflow is Run ?? For Eg. I have a Scenario where in i update A and B Needs to be updated. I have SubMicroflow for this and this is done. But This A gets Updated Multiple Times in different places adding submicroflow everywhere will make things slow. so wanted to run this SubMicroflow asynchronously.  Thanks for the help
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Have you looked at using a queue?

I think I have similar use cases where I know I need a microflow to run after something has happened, but it doesn’t need to happen immediately. In this case I use the Queue module on the app store to trigger a microflow to run in the background. There is also the Process Queue module in the App Store, and Community Commons has a basic RunMicroflowAsyncInQueue that can do similar jobs.