WebService complexity question

I am trying to implement the webservice at https://usstgweb.quiktrak.com/QTAOE/QTOrderEntry.asmx (this is a testing site.) The way it works is you have to call lots of the methods and then at the end call the Submit method.  For example, to set the name of the job you are requesting you call JM_Name.  Then to set the job type you call JM_Type, etc.  Then call Submit. They provided me with .Net code and in .Net they are properties on the class that you set but it appears that under-the-hood it is actually calling each service separately.  They could not provide me with REST or SOAP examples directly. My question is how to do this in Mendix?  If I have a Microflow that uses a Call Web Service action over and over I don’t see how their server will keep the calls together.  In .Net you have to use CookieContainer so that all of the calls remain together but I have no idea how to do something like this in Mendix. I think this might be called Stateful Services but I’m not sure. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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This seems lik instead of doing one webservice call you need to make a x-number of calls which can dynamicly change. I would make one microflow where each webservice call is a submicroflow. So the submicroflows are IM_Type and JM_Name.

Now create an object with booleans to set which submicroflows need to be triggered. So when calling the main microflow you pass that along with all the data for the submicroflows. Now you only have to make sure in your model that this microflow can only run one at the time. This way you keep on your end all the webservice calls together.

You could try this to see if this method works. Otherwise come back here with the results or problems you encounter.