unable to replicate the issue after adding debugger

Hi all, I am facing strange issue. I am creating activity and series activities from an input page. While saving the the activity, I am calling a microflow which will create activities based on the input (single or series). For some reason while creating series activity, it is creating activity for one extra day. For example, If I choose Monday to Friday, then the series activity is creating for Saturday as well. I tried to debug the issue by adding breakpoint. But it is creating correctly when I go step by step. After removing the breakpoint, again it is creating for one extra day. Any thoughts on this. Please suggest. Thank you. Regards, Venkatesh Edited:         
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Something tells me that this has to do with the way the end of the loop is determined.

- what is the setting on the activity date field: local yes / no?

- what is the setting on the end date field: local yes / no?

- what expression is used to determine if the end of the loop has been reached?