Chart Tutorial incorrect?

I’ve been following this tutorial to create a simple x/y chart: Notice how it tells you to create an entity and then generate overview pages. It then says to add the Value_NewEdit page to user navigation. I did that but then got an error that this page requires a parameter of the type “Value” (ie the entity). Nowhere else later in the tutorial does it do anything to address this. Is there something I’’m doing wrong or is this tutorial maybe just old and out of date? I can fix this easily by adding a navigation to a microflow that creates a new, blank entity and then shows the page. It’s not a big deal, but I’m worrying that I’m missing something in this tutorial that I should have known. Can someone confirm that I’m not crazy and the first few steps of creating a navigation directly to the new/edit page is incorrect?
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Yeah,  you need to add the _Overview page to the navigation and from the overview page you can open the _NewEdit page