Microflow gets automatically called on page load/refresh

Hi All, my onchange microflow automatically gets called when Reloaded or navigating from other page to the page I have configured the Onchange microflow This onchange is called inside a bootstrap datepicker Please share you knowledge on how not get called again and again automatically the onchange micrflow in the bootstrap datepicker   Thanks Asish
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Any reason why you wanted to use that datepicker? It is a bit old. Could you try any of the others in the appstore like this one for instance: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/111485/ITvisors/React-DateTimePicker

Or just the regular date picker?




To edit objects in a template grid you always need to show another page to be able to edit the contents. So just create an edit button (as default button so a double click will open the page) and edit the object in that page. In that page you can just use the regular calendar widget.