How to use a SignIn microflow?

Hi all,  I am working on a microflow that automatically signs in a user from a deeplink in an email. Now the anonymous user clicks on the link, comes to a page to change their password and then they have to sign in again. I want them to sign in automatically. When they click on the link, they should be logged in and then change their password. I downloaded the SignIn Microflow module ( and added the ASU microflow to the After Startup microflow but I don't understand how to use the SignIn microflow. What activities do I have to add in a microflow to sign in an anonymous user? Does anyone have an example of a SignIn Microflow for me?    Thanks! Kolien
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I do not think you are looking for the Signin Microflow because that only does this:

An anonymous user in a web shop adds some items to her shopping cart and then clicks the ‘Check out’ button. A sign-in screen appears, and the user signs in. The sign-in microflow is executed and transfers the shopping cart of the anonymous user to the signed-in user.

I think you are looking for an Autologin functionality. There is a demo project in the appstore:

There are also some forum post describing how this works.