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Hi, i built a microflow with a REST call which response can be a PDF file or a jpeg file. I set the response of the REST call to ‘Store on a file document’ for which i have created an entity before (System.FileDocument). After the REST activity i connected a ‘Download file’ activity. When executing the app my download works. However the name of the downloaded file is equal to the name of the file entity and the file has no extension. When i test the REST call in postmal and save the response i get the correct pdf file. Can somebody help me with this problem?        
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Hi John,

Are you getting filename with extension in API response? If yes then, after successful API call you can add a change object activity and change the name attribute of file document object to the filename that you are getting from API response. 


As you can see in the below microflow, you can retrieve the http headers after REST call and add list operation activity > use find to get filename. Than add a change object activity and change NewDocument object > name attribute as $Filename/Value. 

Hope this helps!


Hi Mohammed!

That works like a charm!
Thank you very much!