Dynamic input Fields

Hello everyone,   I have 3  domain entities which are Employee, Job Role, and Tasks. Each Employee have a Job Role and each Job Role has different multiple Tasks. I have created the Employee page with basic information. My question is When the User chooses a Job Role for the Employee i would like the user to add the experience for each Task in the chosen Job Role, how can i do this using Mendix platform?    
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Hi Mohammed,

It can be done by based on the visibility 

add the Task attribute you want to show 

double click on it

click the edit button in the visibility 

choose based on expression

$currentObject/Job/name=’Professor’  --- give this command on it


Hope this helps


I would do it with a couple of references. As soon as the task is chosen let an on change microflow retrieve the tasks of that job and then set a reference between the user and those tasks. Do not forget to refresh the objects so that the user can see those tasks as soon as the Job Role is selected.