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For our new task, we have an API connection to the app and the question is to have a search option inside the app in a way that it connects to the web service, and we can search for a customer name. Our instructor has given us an idea of how the microflow (to search) will look like asking us to just copy it, but to learn, I wanted to recreate it and some steps dosen’t make sense, like why are we going for retrieve as the first step and then delete the list? Also, I am finding it difficult to understand the following steps from ‘IteratorCustomers’ till the end. He has linked a data grid to this microflow, so we can search in a data view and then click on the button to trigger this microflow and the result will show up in the data grid.   Really appreciate if any insights on how this is working. I couldn’t find any online course/explanation on the website.
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Hi Maryam,

According to my understanding by looking into the microflow, retrieving the current results list and delete action is performed is to make sure old search results are cleared out. Then a web service (API) call is performed and because the response is associated to customers list, customers list is retrieved from the web service response. Then a loop action is added to iterate over all the customers and change action is used within the loop to associate customer to operation (that is within change action, select association Customers_Opeation and set $Operation). Once the loop is finished, change action is used to perform refresh in client to Operations object (this is for results to be refreshed on the page). 

There are lots of learnings paths on Mendix academy.  I will recommend you to go though these learning paths  


Hope this helps!