link retrieved API data to module entities/attributes

I am working on a learning task – API topic – had a question here about a microflow: Now I have the microflow running and the data (from the webservice) is in the app. The next step is to link or (match?) the data with the entities and attributes we already had in the app. For example, for the Company (retrieved from the webservice) we have name, Registration number and industry name. At the same time, we have similar entity in the domain model in association with another entity: Industry (data already imported from an Excel file) with attributes: name, active region, employee acceptance and employer acceptance. What we need to do is to have an option that a user can search for the name of a company (with data coming from the webservice) and then inside the app, it needs to get linked to the industry data, so in the search result we can also display information about the industry of that company. Below is the domain model. I also have a page with data view (using the microflow in the above question) that allows searching with company name and displays the information about the company name, registration number and industry (from webservice), but I need guidance on how to also display information about the associated industry. I can guess that there will be a microflow involved, but have no idea what exactly should be done. Appreciate any insights
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Hi Maryam,

You can accomplish this by creating a Non persistable entity (NPE) with a search string attribute. Display this in a data view with the NPE with the search string text input. Then you could try a on change event on the search that triggers a microflow that does the matching