Entering Data Form

Hello,  I am new to Mendix and would like to understand how to do some new data entry such as a new customer. I want to execute the following process flow Login->Menu of actions->New Customer page. On the new customer page would be a form for entering details of the new customer; however when I try to navigate to this new customer page, it is asking for an object, but it is not available, as I am trying to navigate to that page, to create said object. I have tried using a microflow with a “customer” parameter, and the button will be available to navigate to that page, however it will not execute “on-click” function of calling the microflow or the create the object functions.  Thank you in advance for any help. 
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Mendix makes your life easy by providing the option to generate the pages for you:

  • go to your domain model
  • right-click on the entity Customer
  • select ‘Generate overview pages’