Fill in DataGrid depending on selected value in dropdown

Hello everyone, I’ve got a problem with dynamically creating my DataGrid depending on a selected value in a dropdown. I want the user to select a vehicle out of a list of vehicles in my dropdown to then display a DataGrid that has the according information. A Vehicle has 1-*  “parts” which is a container object for multiple part objects (here also 1-*). That’s given by the import mapping from the JSON pretty much. I’ve tried to fix this with a reference selector but no matter what I do I cant link an attribute to it. Should I use a normal dropdown and use the OnChange functionality of it? Or was it the correct way trying it via reference selector? Greetings.
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I think this is approximately the domain model and page configuration you’re looking for. The outermost entity should have an association to a vehicle, which you’ll use in a reference selector. Then you’ll use a dataview to get the selected vehicle and put a data grid inside that to show the list of parts.