Adding multiple associations to an object

I would like to use a page on my app which allows me to add an association to a client. I have associated my client entity to the Account entity in the Administration module. I want to be able to associate multiple Accounts to single client. I have used a 1 to Many association for account to client (one account can be associated to multiple clients). I have created a button on the page where I can add clients, which passes the selected client to the page where I can add associations to the account. On this page, I then have a reference selector to choose the account I want to associate the client to. At the moment, using a simple save changes button overwrites the association. I know that I can add the association instead of setting it in the Change Item activity. I am having a hard time passing the account that I selected in the reference selector to the microflow as I get the following error when trying to add the account object as a parameter in the microflow I want to trigger to add the association when clicking save. The error I get is CE1574: Parameter ‘Account’ of the selected microflow/nanoflow does not match available arguments. Arguments available to ‘actionButton1’ is object of dataView1 (Client). I understand the above error occurs because I have set the data view parameter as client, and that my client selection is passed from the previous page. How do I get it to pass both the client and the account to the microflow, and then add the association on top of the associations that already exist rather than overwrite them?  
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Use ‘add’ instead of ‘set’ in the activity “Change Object” for Customer where you change its association:



As an update to the above, I have taken a different approach to addressing the problem:

  • As stated above, I have an overview page for clients which I can add new clients to
  • To this I added a button which opens a new page to add account associations to clients (passes selected client to this new page)
  • The association between the client and account entity was set to many to many
  • I used a reference set selector to enable me to add and delete associations, the page:  was very useful
  • I right clicked the add button and generated the page to select the accounts I want to associate with client


I need to now make sure it works, but I have checked the sql database viewer (can be found under the Advanced tab in Console tab), and it does create the associations in the relevant association table. Hope this helps.