Current value of an iterator?

Hi all, I have a loop in a microflow that iterates through a list of Boolean values. If the value is true, the loop ignores it and continues. If the value is false, the loop adds 1 to an integer variable. The Boolean values are assigned to checkboxes on another page. I need to engineer this loop so that for any values it finds are false, it displays a “[attribute name] is false!” message on another page. So far, I cannot find a way of extracting from the loop the attribute which it is currently iterating on (by this I mean the Boolean variable currently being checked). Is anyone able to offer any ideas? Many thanks :) 
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Create a string variable before the loop. When the attribute within the loop is false, besides from changing the integer, also change the string and add the text you want. You can return the string at the end of the microflow.