Linking input values to an enumeration attribute

Hi, I am building a functionality that automatically links values that were given as input by an user, to an enumeration attribute.  To make it more clear, inside my ‘Lead’ entity I created an enumeration that hase the same attributes as I have in the ‘SuccesProbability’ entity. So when an user creates a new lead, it has to choose in which stadium of the process the lead is. However, I want users, or in this case the manager, define the probability of succes that is linked to a certain stadium of the proces. Therefore I created the ‘Succesprobability’ entity to allow users to create that input. When a user creates a new lead and set the enumeration to ‘interesse’, I want that this ‘interesse’ attribute of the enumeration LeadStatus is automatically linked to the value that was given as input in the ‘Succesprobability’ entity. I am thinking of an microflow and setting these two values equal to each other, but I keep struggling in getting it right. Anyone with a solution? Cheers,
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I have read it a couple of times but still do not get it. If I understand correctly the user creates a new lead. But in the screenshot I do not see a same enumeration in the SuccesProbability that is also in the Lead entity. And how is this SuccesProbability created and associated to the new lead?

You might try  to use an on change microflow on the entity Lead / Leadstatus. In this microflow check if the status is set to ‘interesse’ and then retrieve over the association the SuccesProbability and change the values you want to change. But I am still not clear which attributes you want to copy.