Referencing the CurrentUser as a Value for an attribute

Hey geniusses, I'm trying something super basic:  I have a [FavoriteRestaurants] entity that stores which objects are marked as favorite by the User. So in the domain modeller, i have linked this to both [Person] and [Restaurant] entities. ([Person] is a Generalization of Administration.Account) Now when trying to create a new Object into [FavoriteRestaurants], i have no clue on how to 'cast' the $CurrentUser to my [Person] entity.  It keeps bugging me with "The microflow expression is of type System.User but should be of type reference to MyApp.Person" Sorry for my beginner question, just getting my feet wet!   Thanks, Max
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Hi Maxim,

Use the below microflow as reference, the Person entity was available in ‘MyFirstModule’ module and person entity was generalized with Administration.Account.

Pass the $currentUser inside the inheritance split

Hope it is helpful for you, Thanks!



simply use an Object Type Decision on $currentUser and then a Cast Action.

regards, Fabian