Help with Microflow for Image Upload + Image Viewer

Hi, For my app I need to use the Image Upload and Image Viewer widgets from the App Store. However after adding them to the pages I’m using, I am not able to get what I want from the Microflow. I am using the learning app to try out these widgets. So I am using the Trainee_NewEdit page (has the Image Uploader widget) and the Trainee_Overview page (has the image viewer widget). My current microflow starts with: 1) Create (object) the image. 2) Commit the new image. 3) Give succesfully done note. 4) View the overview page.    I would love to hear about how other users were succesfull using these widgets.  King Regards, Hamnah   
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Hi Hamna,

Did you tried the widget that are shipped with the modeler? Do they work with your flow?

Cheers, Andries



Thank you for your quick respond!

In the Toolbox/Modeler the widgets weren’t available. 

When I exclude the Microflow and adjust the widgets settings to listen to widget the errors disappear however as user I can’t do anything with the upload option.