How to see if someone already filled out a form at least once?

Hi Community, My domain model: Basically I have a number of employees that fill in a symptom checking form daily. I want to display a graph of the amount of people that filled in their forms vs the amount that didn’t (in the last 24 hours).   To start of easy I created an attribute in Dashboard, that calculates with a micro-flow the amount of people that has at least filled out a form once. This is where I am stuck: I’m not sure how to constrain the retrieve on only unique email addresses ? Thank you in advance
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Use OQL for this. It is faster than any microflow. Download the oql-module from the Appstore and use the ExecuteOQLStatement.

For finding out your OQL, go to the OQL playground

You will need something like:

Select email
count(o.TotalAmount) NumofOrders
from "AppstoreAppDemos.Customer" k
join "k/AppstoreAppDemos.Order_Customer/AppstoreAppDemos.Order" o
group by email;




A Work around solution for this would be to retrieve all the EmployeeSympton List objects sorted via Email. 

Loop through the List and check if the their exists another object with the same email id . 

If it doesn’t exist then count else don’t count.