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Estimate size of the app db during sync for offline modes


We create a lot of hybrid mobile apps and now working on creating ReactNative structured apps. The app itself is not necessarily worrisome in terms of the size (although that would be nice to know once compiled into the .ipa or .apk via the Sprintr or Modeler), but what would be very nice is to have a feature to estimate the size of the database that will be synchronized. That way we could put in gates that warn the user to use WiFi for high-volume data apps or build smarter apps that sync critical data first and then the large files (like images or videos) later on wifi, etc. More control over that sync process but we need to know how big the db is (as a user and a developer)

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Hi Nolan,


I am also in need of this feature at the moment for an offline app we are building. Did you implement a solution for this? I just checked and for unsynced files it doesn’t seem possible to get the size of a file. It is set to a default -1 value.. It will get set once the file is actually written to the database once online, but we need it when offline.