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React Native List Search bar


The  native mobile app  search bar  will help to improve user experience when you have a bigger list of 100s or 1000s items. Can we please have this widget included as a default feature for list view on native app or separate widget that can be used on list view ?


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We need this as well, any updates on this?


Has there been any update or alternative solutions when it comes to searching through a list besides a custom Nanoflow search?


Coming from a Hybrid Offline App project, I had high hopes on the whole Native App building possibilities.

3 weeks into our new project, I was unpleasantly surprised to see that ‘something simple as’ setting a searchbar on a listview was not (yet) possible.

Building a custum search Nanoflow is the current solution for us, but not near as userfriendly as the beloved searchbar in listview setting (including search on associated Entity attributes)