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Camera support for progressive web apps


For several hybrid apps we are looking to migrate to progressive web apps (PWA), because hybrid technology is deprecated.

The apps allow users to take a picture using the device camera. Currently Mendix does not offer any platform supported solution for this that works in progressive web apps, only in native and in hybrid. This means that we have to choose between using community supported components, develop something custom ourselves or move to native.

Taking a picture seems like basic and core PWA functionality to me. It will make PWA a much more desireable way to go and it will ease the pain of deprecating hybrid. Ive seen several request for this functionality on the mendix forum.

I find it logical that Mendix provides a platform supported solution for this.


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Any news on the progress? It's been more dan a quater ago.

What's needed is to make direct a picture and uploaded to the app.


I have unfortunately overlooked the fine print. The app must be published! After I did that, it also works on the smartphone. 


Hello Fynn,

You might want to add a new question on the forum. You are now responding to an ‘idea’ that is implemented and is working.

With your question share some information on your implementation (screenshots maybe) how you are testing, which devices, etc. With so little information it is hard to tell what the problem is.


Hey Arne, I implemented it with the ‘web-action” Module as described in the documentation. As I said on the notebook it works on the smartphone I get the error message: "Media devices are not supported". What am I doing wrong?


Fynn, It works on PWA.

Did you use the Take Picture from the native mobile module instead of the web-actions module?




But with the “Web Actions” I can't take a picture with my PWA on the smartphone, or am I missing something? I always get the error "Media devices are not supported".


Yes it is in the web-actions module.

I did use it, because it gives you the possibility to control image quality (and size) of the image. Unfortunately it is not possible to choose an image from your image library via this functionality   



It is available at the moment:

Personally i did not use it. The default upload file widget works fine: mobile devices ask if you want to upload from file system or take a picture.


Hello, any news on this yet?


would be very interested as well


I see a “take a picture” action in platform supported module “Web Actions”.

I haven't tried it yet, but it fits the description.


Any progress on realization of this idea? the quarter is nearly ending….