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Native Builder Enhancements


After going live with multiple native apps on mendix , i wish i had the following on the mendix native builder : 


– App Name on AppCenter to be the exact application name not the name of the mendix project.

- the ability to add different signing certificates for different configurations created on the native builder, for example, i have two apps for the same project that are connected to different environments and I want them to be used by test users and installed on phones, now if I create a new native builder config and change the files it will change on all configrations.

- when i create a new build using the native builder if i change any settings on the build on AppCenter the new build coming from the native builder will override any settings changed, for example, am trying to enable automatic distribution on the build and that configuration is not on the native builder so i enable it from AppCenter and trigger a new build but mendix native builder resets that configuration every time you trigger a build.

- easy way to have multiple GitHub repos for each native builder configuration.



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Indeed we need more seperation of the configurations.

- Github repo + branch

- Appcenter app

- Certificates