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The current workflow is as follows: A user downloads the app => Logs in => Set a pin code (1) => Verify pin code (2) => App loads => Unlock app with pincode (3)


This is currently seen by our client as bad behaviour. As with most apps, when you have to set the pin code, it is common to add it ones and then verify it. After that you’d expect the app to load as normal and only if the app is closed and re-opened again, you’d expect the user to unlock the app with his or her pincode.


Another great improvement would be to automatically focus the the numeric keyboard to the first input field of the pin code widget. Right now, the user is required to press the button before entering the pin code. (automatically focus on the input it common with banking apps).


Right now it also occurs that the keyboard is not of the right layout and may switch between different types during the entry of the pincode. At first (this occurs a lot on android) it shows the qwerty keyboard, and at the second input field it will show the numeric keyboard, which - if you type quick - will force you to enter a wrong pin code. The same also occurs sporadically on iOS.


I think with a few small enhancements the pin plugin can be way more usefull to the user and perform a lot better.

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Any update from Mendix on possible ETA of (some) improvements?


Can you at least add different button labels to the 3 steps
1) enter your pin
2) confirm pin
3) login

Other remarks:

Entering an incorrect pin simply lets you retry (total of 3 times), but no feedback that you've entered an incorrect pin

Can it be made possible to change your pin from within the app?