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Remember me on login


Hi, given user authentication on mobile/web apps, when the end-user wants to sign in using username and password, then the system should have the option to save the credentials. 

My idea is to have a remember me functionality available for your mendix mobile/web app.

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When there is Auto session time out for the application then this leads the users into confusion ,as why login screen is not coming. I had a peculiar scenario where as an admin I changed my password , but beacuse of the deafult functionality in hybrid app it directly takes me to the home screen without asking to login with the new password. 


Yeah, so basically the idea is to automatically redirected to the app without logging in, because you already have a session?


It would be nice if this would also be possible to support this on the web app instead of just on the mobile app.


Hi, I didn't know there were comments to my initial idea. For mobile it's out of the box, for desktop there's nothing.

Anyways, yes configurable for both desktop and phone. 


Wait this is already possible? Is there any documentation on this because i have not seen this anywhere.


By default a token is stored on the device which lets you automatically login, so this should work out of the box if I understand correctly.

Do you want this to be configurable?