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Allow remote debugging of mendix developer app


To inspect my mendix application remotely on an android device, I have to deploy to the mendix cloud and run the code on a build that I have released myself.

Deploying however takes about 10 minutes, which is quite a long time for just checking if some little change works as expected.

I would rather run my application locally and use the developer app with QR code to run the code on a device. When currently inspecting my remote android device however, the mendix application never becomes available for inspecting whereas my own build does.

Making the Mendix developer app available for inspection would greatly reduce my development times.


p.s: Making the app deployment in the mendix cloud as fast as the local run would be a great solution too ;-)

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The idea would still be very nice to have implemented.

For those who are interested, there is already a way to debug a local run on a real device: (Section 4.2 has the magic!)

This skips the 10 minute wait for a cloud run every time you want to check something. It's a huge time saver already once you get the first hassle done creating the custom phonegap build :-)