MiN 8.8.apk does not open

Make it native app has upgraded this weekend to 8.9 which is great of course, but on the downside, my app on my phone as well on a Panasonic Toughbook scanner automatically upgraded to the 8.9 version. Not a big problem as Mendix provides a link to the 8.8 version which is a file named “MiN 8.8.apk”, which I downloaded. Unfortunately, this file does not open. When I click on it, it just says “Can not open this file.” Both on my phone and on a scanner. A colleague of mine did exactly the same and he did succeed in installing the 8.8 version. Using his apk made no difference. I also tried to rename it to a name without a space. Or a name with no dots except the last one. No improvement. Anybody else has the same problem? Or better, a solution? How can I install MakeItNative 8.8?
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I had the same problem, eventually I installed the app using the ADB command line tools. So download the APK to your notebook, and perform a streamed install.