[Native Mobile] Splash Screen loads for a second and then just shows a blank white screen for iOS

Hi Guys, Anyone encountering this potentially annoying issue where after you build an IPA file for your Mendix Native Mobile app the splash screen doesn’t stay for very long? On Android, it works just fine where the Splash Screen will show correctly on start up and when signing in. But for iOS it will only show for a very brief second on start up and then its a white screen all the way. Signing in for iOS will also not show the splash screen, just a white screen. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you. Regards Kevin
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Hi Kevin,

The app crashes for some onknow reason. You can access the logs via debugging. That might give us an hint why

If the apps starts use: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/mobile/native-debug#1-introduction

On iOS: If the app does not start you have to use Xcode to connect to your device for and launch it from Xcode and start debugging

(For Android use Android Studio)

Cheers, Andries