Hybrid phone app online on SAP

Hi girls and guys, For one of our customers, running mendix apps in the SAP cloud, we need to build an app with a “Hybrid phone app online”-navigation profile. If we navigate to the Mobile app page and use the Publish for Mobile App Stores button we get following error: "Unable to retrieve environments. Please try again in a moment." we need to be able to get to the next page and get the build so we can package the app using phonegap. The reason for this is that we want to use the widget barcode scanner, for this to work we need to wrap it. Is it not possible to build these kind of apps running in the SAP cloud? or should this be possible and is this a bug? any advice is appreciated, this is starting to be urgent I’m afraid :-(   PS: We are using 8.10.1 but that version is not (yet) selectable in the dropdown :-)
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