Mendix application embedded in Iframe Cookies must be enabled error on IPad

Hi, We have a Mendix application serving a page via an Iframe in another Mendix application. Using an IPad, in Chrome and Safari, when the page with the embedded Iframe loads an alert message appears that says “An embedded page on this page says: This application requires cookies to be enabled”. The issue doesn’t present itself on Chrome for desktop. We’ve enabled cookies on Safari and by default cookies are enabled for Chrome on IPad (see We’ve set both X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy headers to allow frame communication.   Anyone else experienced this issue or have an idea of what could be wrong? Edit 7/22/20: I corrected the text in the alert message.
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I think you will find your answer in this forum post:





Hi Steven,

Please have a look at

This describes the steps needed to make sure your app is compatible with the new cookie requirements. Please note that the environment variable referred to (SAMESITE_COOKIE_PRE_MX812) should be set on the contained app, i.e. the app running inside the iframe.