Use QR Code to open specific pages on mobile device, when scanning.

Mendix Version 7.23.6! My team and I are currently developing a section of our application, where we would like specific items to have QR code. This QR code is unique for every item. The purpose of the QR code is for our colleges to scan it using their mobile phone and then have the mobile device take you to the information page about this item. We are using a QR code widget ( that generates a QR code off the unique item ID. When you scan the QR code, the unique item ID is displayed. But we want it to take us to the item information page instead. At first, we wanted to implement the native mobile app concept, but this is not an option for us. Native mobile apps are not implemented in mendix 7 and we are not able to convert the app Mendix 8. Other than that, we have network restrictions on our wifi/network, which means we cannot connect to the same internet as our computers are on. This makes the scanning of the QR code for mobile app use, unable to work. So, our questions are: What is the best solution for us to use and how can we implement it? Should the app open in a web browser or should we use the Hybrid app option? And how can we make the QR code take you to the item information page when scanned?
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If the QR code is returning a URL, or if you can build a URL in your app based on the QR code, you can pass this into the URL Redirector Widget to redirect the user to that page.

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And you might want to use a deeplink for this. This way is somebody scans the QR code it will trigger the deeplink and show the page with the correct information. Then you can also monitor how many times an item is looked up.