[Native Mobile] Error occurred after downloading update from Native Builder OTA

Hey guys, I performed the Native Builder "Prepare" command and performed an OTA update and after downloading the update on my app and before reaching the login screen, I get a generic error message saying "An error occurred, please contact your system administrator" and it just hangs at the splash screen. Restarting the app doesn’t solve it either. It would only load and reach the login screen after clearing the data and cache for the app on my phone and relaunching the app. Would be great if I could actually get the logs to investigate what caused the error. I'm using Mendix 8.11.1. The Mainline is running on 8.11.1 and when the branch was created it was using 8.11.0 and it got upgraded. So now both the mainline and the branch are on the same Mendix versions. Now we are just trying to push an update to the test app to test a new feature before merging the changes with mainline. Although it works by clearing the data and cache, it is not optimal because in production, we cannot force users to clear data and cache for the app to work as it looks and feels bad.   Look forward to hearing back soon. We need to find out what is going on and what could be causing this.   Best Regards Kevin
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I recommend submitting this to Mendix Support if you haven’t already.