Native Reference Selector Placeholder Text Color

The native styling guide for reference selector says it has the same structure and properties as the native drop down widget. Whenever I try to change the placeholderTextColor property on the value object for a reference selector, however, it doesn’t work. Example styling: value: { placeholderTextColor: "#CC0000", }, Doing the same thing for a native drop down widget does change the placeholder text color as expected. This is on Mendix Studio Pro v8.12. Is this an issue with the reference selector for native, or am I missing something? Below is a screenshot of a reference selector and drop down I created in the Native Mobile Quickstart App in v8.12 for reference. I changed the placeholderTextColor property for both to #CC0000: Thanks!
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Did this app start in 8.10 or below? I ask because the release notes state:

We improved the look and feel as well as the styleability of reference selector and drop-down widgets for native mobile pages. To access the new versions, either set useUniformDesign: true or upgrade Atlas UI to the latest version.

So, it’s possible you’re still seeing the older reference selector and drop-down widgets. To update, you’d either need to add useUniformDesign: true in your /theme/settings-native.json file or update Atlas UI