Mobile App not running on cloud

Hello All,   I have a mobile application which works fine when deployed and viewed using “Run Locally” and there are no errors.  I want to test it out on my mobile, so i deployed it to Mendix cloud by using “Run on Cloud”. When i try to view the application, i am getting a blank screen with below errors in browser console.  20:51:32.014 main.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () 20:51:32.016 mxui.js?637323292817599990:73 Error: scriptError:     at d (mxui.js?637323292817599990:5)     at HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> (mxui.js?637323292817599990:5) (anonymous) @ mxui.js?637323292817599990:73 20:51:32.017 mxui.js?637323292817599990:73 Loading module failed! Check console log for more detailed debug information.   I am not sure why the error is coming up. Please help me on how to resolve it. Mendix version i am using is 8.10 Thanks, Guru
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Hi Guru,

Were you able to resolve the issue? We have a similar issue with one of our customer applications that we are migrating to cloud v4. Would love to know the steps you have taken to fix your case.