An Error occured,please contact your system administrator in Synch action of Hybrid Offline

In hybrid offline apk, after performing an action, I am trying to synch respected object data. To check whether data is saved or not I added the listview, by mapping database object for data source. So after performing an action, data is saved successfully, but it’s throwing an error as ‘An Error occurred, please contact your system administrator.’ If i call nanoflow and use the Synch activity, i could not see added data’s. If i synch directly in the action button, then only i can see the data’s. But for both scenarios i am facing Contact admin error when i try to add data’s in offline mode. The same if i do in online, no issues. In live logs also i couldn’t see anything. Can anyone help me on this, welcome your ideas.   Thanks In Advance, Srilatha
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In my experience these kind of errors often relate to acces rights, especially in an offline profile.