Barcode Scanner without button

Hi, I remember building an app a while ago where I was able to use a barcode scanner directly in a page, without having to click a button to bring up the camera. When opening the page, I had a frame that allowed me to scan without first clicking a button. I downloaded the Mendix Barcode Scanner widget but cannot find a way to do this, am I missing something, did I dream it or is it not available in the latest version of the widget?   Regards, Seb
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I never had this actual case, but i guess you need to do something with intents:

I hope this helps.


You did not dream that. It can actually exist.

You can do that with a barcode scanner, for instance, a Zebra or a Panasonic Toughbook. It does not just have a camera, but also a barcode scanner.

Choose the hardware button that you want to trigger the scanner and in the settings of your scanner set this hardware button(s) of the scanner to make it trigger the barcodescanner.

Choose a character for use as lineend/returncode, for instance %

Set the datacommunication of the barcode-settings (another app, not ‘settings’) to postfix the scanned barcode with your character

Create a widget that you can place on a page and that triggers a nanoflow upon receiving the character you choose.