Hybrid app template: app pincode / username is cleared when the Mendix server is down

We are testing with the latest hybrid app template. Previously we used a custom pin-login widget (SimpleLogin widget in Appstore), however we want to use the default pin-login functions from the hybrid app template. We got everything up & running, but when I create an APK connected to my local PC, I am noticing that every now and then my username and pincode is cleared and I need to login again with username + password and register a new pincode. For example it happens when I stop the Mendix modeler on my PC, then I open the app. When I open the app I get 'Cannot initialize app'. Makes sense, because the Mendix modeler is not running. Then I start the modeler again and press OK on this error screen. It reloads the app but also now my pincode has been reset and I need to login again with my username + pass. Is there a reason for this? I want the app to never delete those details from the phone, unless the user clicks 'forgot pin'.  Thanks! 
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