Android native app error (A connection error occurred)

I have made a Native app for our Mendix application. How I have released the web version with the Android extension, and build an Android Release app. After I start the Android app I get the error “A connection error occurred, please try again later.” If I test the app in the Android and Ios make it Native app all is working fine. May anyone know where I can find the problem?   
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You can try debugging the app using logcat so that log file is available to you.
Then you can find out in logs what exactly is the error


I was running into a similar issue, and I was able to fix this by updating the config.json file in the root directory with the correct runtimeUrl value.

For some reason my runtimeUrl had a ‘/’ after .com (ie, and that was causing the issue.

After I updated the url to just be it worked fine.


Hope this helps!