Hybrid issue with images - Uploading and downloading images from SAP

We’ve recently made a step towards Hybrid, and transformed an existing WebApp to hybrid.  One of the things that the webapp actually did well, was providing the use of the camera. We can make pictures, upload them to SAP, and download them from SAP towards other people with the app. On hybrid, however, this stopped working. We can make a picture, we just cant send it to SAP(some random error, comming form the app, no errors in SAP). Likewise, we can make a new image on the non hybrid part of the app, save it. Call it. It works. Opening that very same item on hybrid however, results in an error.  Anyone has experience with this?    EDIT: just found out that it sometimes does work...it still provides an error though.  EDIT2: The gateway actually gets triggered (sometimes), but before it can return data, the error is already shown on mobile. Maybe a built in delay could work for this? If so, is this possible? EDIT3: So when we use the webapp, and I have a breakpoint(meaning the code is put to a pauze) the app shows a loading picture, and will just wait for me to resume the code. Te mobile does not stop, it just goes to gives the error Im talking about. I'm not sure why this works differently, but I guess this is part of the issue...
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