Hybrid App Page Timeout during login redirects to default login page

Hi All I have a hybrid app which is authenticating against a Mendix user account, but during the login process also calls out to a back-end database for more information. This all works fine on desktop. The problem I am seeing in the hybrid app, is that if the back-end database is down or unavailable and times out, this often takes longer than the default 5s page timeout. If this occurs, the hybrid app redirects to a default login page (which is no good as I need a custom login flow). Is there any way to change this behaviour, or catch the page before it times out and redirect to a different page to allow the user to try again, or at least let them know what is happening? Cheers
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You can change the server timeout, by updating the /src/www/entry.js file in your hybrid mobile zip as follows.


MxApp.onConfigReady(function(config) {
    config.server.timeout = 10000 // set timeout in milliseconds