Error on sign-out Native app

Lately, this error has been showing up in our logs. It occurs regularly when a user signs out of our Native app.  “WARNING - Core: Failed to remove session '8a9dc7a1-1b6b-4024-b5c3-ec13c8396672' for user 'username' because actions are still running for this session. Client access has been disabled. Session will be attempted to be removed again in 300 seconds.” We don't have any running events keeping the session alive, and sign-out happens in a nanoflow with the default sign-out action, in Mendix 8.12.1  It causes the app to be ‘locked’ for 5 minutes, unless it is closed completely and reopened again, which is not a nice user experience. I am wondering if anyone has encountered something similar with their Native app?
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We had it also in hybrid as well with 7.23.15 version.

We noticed that, few user sessions stayed active for around 13 hours or 16 hours. But the normal timeout is 5 mins.

Not sure what is causing this.