How to avoid passing url of the Mendix runtime when building a native application

Hi all, We have locally built a native mobile application. Now we are trying to generate .apk using this article ( and this one (  The application has only REST requests to our server, there are no requests to the mendix server. However, following the steps of the first article it is impossible to build .apk without specifying Mendix runtime url. An error occurs when running “native-builder.exe build… ”: » Missing required argument: runtime-url » Run prepare first (recommended) or pass the required argument(s) to build The application can be built by following the steps of the second article. However, when I run it on my phone I see an error related to url: How can we avoid specifying url of the Mendix runtime? Or what should be specified as url in this case? 
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You could run your application in the Mendix free cloud, and build your APK against that url.