[Native Mobile] Automatically click a button on a page

Hi Everyone, I am trying to figure out a way to automatically click a Form Submit button. Say I want to get redirected to a payment gateway. Below is what I have but the annoying thing about this is, it redirects me to a page and when on that page, I then have to click the button to get redirected to the payment page. My question is how can I trigger the button automatically without having to click the button? i.e Get redirected to the payment gateway page from my native app without having to click the button. Could javascript actions help in this scenario? I am using Mendix 8.12.1. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards Kevin
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So, your scenario is that your example image shows a page that you maintain, and you are not able to change the source. Ok, you need two steps: a trigger to start doing something once the page is loaded and some code to push the button.

First, add a class or id to the button. Then you can add a microflow timer and set it to trigger a nanoflow that starts a javascript that presses the button. Or just skip the button and trigger the same action that the button triggers.