Pass date field to Nanoflow from Native Pluggable widget

Hi Danny Roest ;-) or other Mendix colleagues,  We are trying to create a native pluggable widget and we want to call a nanoflow after a onClick event. We want to pass a date field to nanoflow from the pluggable widget. In de Modeler: We want to connect / configure the nanoflow (with the date parameter)  in the native pluggable widget. Can someone help us to achieve it. How can we pass data from the custom native widget to the configured nanoflow and call this Nanoflow (onClick). Thank you. We use Mx version 8.13.1 but it’s not in de list.  
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Dear Cillus,

At this moment it is not possible to pass a primitive variable (strings, numbers, dates) to a microflow or nanoflow when calling from a custom or pluggable widgets. Only object can be passed.

The way to solve the problem, it to use a context object with the desired (date) attributes. Use the context object in a data view and place your widget inside. When calling the flow you will automatically receive the object as an input parameter.

Cheers, Andries